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About Us

About the Medical Clinic

434 Animal Hospital was established in 1989. The practice was bought by Dr. Ehlers in 2003 after working as an associate for a year under the original owner.

Our team is committed to individualizing patient and client care, specifically focusing on educating our clients on year round pet wellness. We do this through juvenile, adult, and senior pet preventative care and maintenance, This includes but is not limited to annual and bi-annual wellness exams, individuals lifestyle based vaccine recommendations, comprehensive first veterinary visits for puppies and kittens, and a variety of preventative care procedures like dental prophylaxis.

It is important to us that we, at 434 Animal Hospital, stay on top of all of the latest advances in veterinary medicine through extensive continuing education courses and conferences as well as keeping current with the latest industry news and technology.

We understand that visits to a veterinarian can often times be stressful, not only for our animal patients, but also for our human clients. Our promise is to make every intention to treat every patient (and client) as an individual.  We strive to never lack in patience and compassion, ensuring that with each visit we put forth our best effort to cultivate a positive, enriching, and rewarding experience with our Doctors and staff members.

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