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Pet Boarding Information

We are so happy to provide boarding services exclusive to our clients!  We pride ourselves on having an established relationship with our pet parents and having an environment that helps secure the safety and wellness of our boarding patients!

All pets are under the watchful eye of skilled Veterinary Kennel Technicians as well as the medical staff at 434 Animal Hospital.

Our skilled Veterinary Technicians administer any and all medical treatments for our boarding pets as well as routine assessments of boarders with special needs daily. This individualized care leads to care plans specific to each pet!

Dr. Ehlers also performs twice daily checks of all boarding pets to ensure they are doing well!

What to bring:

  • Your pet's food pre-measured per meal in zip-lock baggies

  • Your pet's medication's

What not to bring:

  • Beds, bedding, blankets, carriers

  • Toys and chews bones/antlers/etc​

  • Bowls 

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