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Puppy & Kitten Wellness

We offer comprehensive puppy and kitten wellness visits for your newest addition to the family! 

Adult Wellness

Each phase of life comes with certain medical focuses, find out what we recommend for your pet.

Senior Wellness

Seniors and geriatric pets have special cognitive, medical, and physical requirements, learn about what we are doing to help our older friends age graciously.


- Electrocardiograms done in clinic

-Digital radiographs of thoracic cavity

-Ability to have echocardiograms done on site

-Portable blood pressure machine


-Digital radiography


-In house labwork capabilities

-Access to local, regional, and national laboratories for specialty testing


-Ovariohysterectomy  (spay)

-Orchiectomy (Neuter)



-Dental Prophylaxis

-Wound repairs



-Digital OFA radiograph capabilities

-Orthopedic evaluation

-Mobility support for senior pets


-Skin/Ear Cytology capabilities in house

-Fungal culture

-OtiPack + Claro application for hard to treat patients

Listed below are just some of the many services we provide at 434 Animal Hospital. We believe in being there for you and your pet from routine wellness to exceptional full service care areas like surgical medicine, cardiology, and dermatology. We strive to provide as many services and treatments options as possible in house, while still maintaining the ability to refer to local and state specialty hospitals.

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