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At Home Laser Therapy

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Introducing...             Trista!!

We are so happy to provide referral services for laser therapy with Trista of Zink-Notley Equine Solutions and Consulting !  We have established a relationship with Trista over the last several years as she brings her pups Morris and Axel to Dr. Ehlers!

Through this time we have gotten to experience her gentle and knowledgeable care with her own pets and now are excited to begin referring for IN HOME laser therapy services!!!

Laser therapy has so many benefits for our pets that sometimes they seem limitless! From arthritis to post-operative care to ear hematomas and lick granulomas, there are very few conditions that can't be treated with laser therapy.

Laser therapy uses light to accelerate healing. Light stimulates cells and cell processes to do their jobs more quickly, therefore cutting down healing time. This process relieves pain, reduced inflammation, and increases microcirculation around the affected tissues. 

Besides all of these great benefits, laser therapy is a non-invasive therapy. No drugs, no surgery, no procedures, all in the comfort of your own home.

If you have a dog recovering from an orthopedic procedure or an older cat who is a little bit slower to jump up on a high surface, this may be a service that can help. 

Ask us today if your pet is a candidate for this awesome service!!!

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