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Trusted Pet Health & Behavior Information

Children and Pets - Grief Support

Make sure the car ride is safe

Learn about options for pet safety for car rides

Cat Clicker Training

Want to learn how to get your cat to willingly get in its carrier, explore Karen Pryor's Clicker Training website for this lesson and much more.


Sophia Yin AnimalTraining Resources

Sophia Yin is a Veterinary Behaviorist who has a lot of videos and resources for you and your pets behavioral needs


Feliway & Adaptil

Pheromone products that help reduce stress and anxiety of pets

Feliway Link

Adaptil Link

Cornell Feline Health Center

"The Cornell Feline Health Center is dedicated to improving the welfare of all cats by supporting research on diseases and conditions that affect cats and by providing information to owners, breeders, and veterinary professionals worldwide.. " 


Dog Training & Sports

Ever wonder what you can do with your dog besides obedience? Check out this link for fun things to train with your dog that tap into natural instincts!


Indoor Cat Initiative

"Our goal is to help you and your cats have the best life together you possibly can"


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Teaching a cat to accept injections

For cat's that are diabetic or receive subcutaneous fluids due to kidney disease, this is a great way to help make the injections less stressful.


Indoor Cat Hunting Toys - Enrichment

Training your cat to go into a carrier

Cats & Carriers -Help getting cats in them!

Vaccine Advice

Companion Animal Parasite Council

Fear Free Pets

AKC Dog Breed Profiles

Learn more about the variety of dog breeds through the AKC's website.


Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid Florida

Rescuing is always a great option and purebreds are commonly available.


Seminole County Animal Services

Traveling with your pet

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